Our mission is to foster safe internet.

Seknox was founded in 2019 in Singapore to overcome common security challenges with accessible security solutions.

Common security challenges - Poor cyber hygiene, phishing, insecure personal devices account for the majority of data breaches.

Accessible security solution - Most people/businesses try to avoid security solutions for its complexity. High efficacy teams see security solutions as a blocker to their milestones, which leads to poor security practice.

To create a perfect balance between security accessibility and robustness, we have sets of principles that we follow when building our security solutions.

Our approach to cybersecurity

Open security:

Security solutions should be based on open technology. With the open technology, we at Seknox believe that:

  1. Security practitioners will only have to learn one tool, one product, and apply the same knowledge and expertise everywhere.
  2. Security administrators can model security implementation around open technology for business.
  3. It will also be effortless to find security engineers who might already have learned open technology.

Integrated security solutions:

The cybersecurity ecosystem is flooded with multiple fragmented solutions that work in silos that have led to operational complexity and weak threat correlations. Point solutions bring more sophistication than security.

An Integrated security solution will ease operational complexity (because administrators will only have to manage a single solution) while increasing detection and protection capabilities (because a unified solution can utilize threat data more concisely).

Automation and Artificial Intelligence:

Growing cybersecurity talent shortage is not new news. AI and automation are crucial in overcoming these challenges.

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